Lucas Fackler is a Los Angeles based audio engineer, MUSIC PRODUCER and SONGWRITER. Born and raised in the small town of Pioneer Ohio where resources for burgeoning artists were slim, Lucas began honing his skills as a self taught audio engineer by practicing on local bands including his own.

Since relocating to California in 2006 to study at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Lucas now has over a decade of professional experience under his belt. As an engineer, he has had the pleasure to work in studios such as Capitol, NRG, East West, and Ocean Way among others. He has recorded everything from large orchestral works to indie punk bands, singer songwriters and jazz trios, as well as recording many of LA’s top session musicians and singers.   

As a performing musician and published songwriter himself, Lucas is often praised for his musical ear, and ability to think two steps ahead in high pressure situations, both in the studio and out in the field.


Lucas is currently signed to A-List Records with groups Hannah and the Engineers and The Won't as well as being a contributor to Megatrax library music.



Lucas’ North Hollywood located 'Sound Content' studio is a modern hybrid of digital & analog, featuring multiple pieces of analog mixing and tracking hardware along with 100’s of today’s top plugins. The studio is setup for 24 channels of analog summing utilizing outboard gear to add character and mojo to individual stem elements. Perhaps the most notable feature of this studio is the complex routing of guitar pedals and tube amps. Pairing this with numerous classic and modern guitars for guitar and bass overdub bliss! This room also has a vocal booth featuring a Slate VMS microphone with various other mics available. Bring your music to fruition with Lucas in a studio far far away or at home, either way custom tailored to your liking.





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